IBC streamlines and automates its procurement processes through an embedded integration with Oracle E-business suite financial modules

IBC owns and operates the Municipal Solid Waste Treatment Plant in Saida that currently serves the 16 municipalities of the Saida - Zahrani area. Built on 40,000 square meters of reclaimed land, IBC’s plant has the capacity to daily treat 550 metric tons of mixed solid waste according to the latest environmental standards regarding emissions, including wastewater, noise, air, and residues. IBC formally started operations in November 2012. IBC uses first, mechanical biological treatment (MBT) to sort and separate wastes and recover recyclables. Organic fractions are then anaerobically treated to produce energy and soil amendment. Originally designed as per the latest European technologies by a joint Lebanese-German team of engineers; and equipped by various proven suppliers, this process was adapted to handle our “Lebanese” unsorted mixed waste, which is quite different in composition than the source separated waste of Europe.

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Saida, Lebanon


Under US$100 million


More than 500



For its Oracle E-Business deployment, IBC S.A.L. selected Oracle Partner, Widestreams because of its expertise and Oracle certified consultants, successful implementation experience, and high level of after-sales support. Widestreams acted as a product specialist and experienced business consultant, closely and efficiently supporting IBC in its complex environment.

Customer Challenges

Interface and Automate the revenue recognition from different sources pertaining to numerous company product lines

Apply automatically different pricing models and modifiers on sales transactions with full control and traceability over pricing changes

Build a financial reporting structure allowing reporting profitability at variable levels (products , business lines , departments etc.)

Streamline and automate the procurement process with an embedded integration with financials and budgeting

Generate automatically different types of sales invoices layout based on customer types

Our Solution Results

Sales Invoices are automatically generated based on external client delivery system  data. Line items are  automatically split based on sales attributes for enhanced reporting (driver , plate number , operator etc.)

Efficient inventory planning method (Economical Order Quantity / EOQ) with automatic notification in case an item drops below a certain level along with a recommendation on the planned order quantity

Automated procurement flow with full integration with financials

Enhanced customer/supplier statements generation split by type of activities

Advanced Aging reports in Payables and Receivables allow better cash forecasting capabilities and proactive actions in case of exceptional dues.

Our Offer

  • Oracle EBS Financials
  • Oracle EBS Inventory Management
  • Oracle EBS Purchasing