Salahaddin Automates, Modernizes and Gains Meaningful Insights in the Cloud

Founded in 1991 as a unique conglomerate of enterprises to bring first-rate services to the Iraqi people, Salahaddin Investment Holding Company has since experienced more than two decades of considerable growth, currently holding numerous investments, ownerships, and assets in the region. The company’s manifold investments across a variety of sectors nurture and support economic diversification and strategic business growth. Salahaddin is committed to ensuring that its economic activities enhance and contribute to the efforts of the government in fostering rapid and positive economic growth for the nation as a whole.

About Customer


Erbil, Iraq Kurdistan


Under US$100 million


More than 2,000


For its Oracle Cloud deployment, Salahaddin selected Oracle Partner, Widestreams because of its expertise and Oracle certified consultants, successful implementation experience, and high level of after-sales support. Widestreams acted as a product specialist and experienced business consultant, closely and efficiently supporting Salahaddin in its complex environment.

Customer Challenges

·         Streamline, standardize, and automate processes across all of the group’s subsidiaries—spanning manufacturing, real estate, hospitality, financial, and luxury goods—and improve employee productivity

·         Increase insight and reporting across procurement, finance, human resources (HR), and warehouse functions to support better decision making

·         Automate and control purchasing and product costing, which were previously done manually with little oversight

·         Improve inventory management to ensure optimum stock levels across multiple warehouses according to sales orders.

Our Solution Results

·         Increased productivity by standardizing and automating finance, HR, and supply chain processes with a fully integrated Oracle Cloud solution—saving administrative time across all business support functions, improving communication across subsidiaries and lines of business, and significantly reducing paper use

·         Improved strategic decision making by helping executives make informed judgments with real-time financial data—for example, whether to invest in the group’s existing companies or in new ventures

·         Delivered full control on financial transactions and total visibility at group level into each company’s sales and cash flows by integrating Oracle ERP Cloud with third-party back-end and front-end sales systems—critical considering that 95% of all Salahaddin’s transactions are cash-based due to banking limitations in the aftermath of the Iraq War

·         Enabled Salahaddin to measure the cost effectiveness of finished goods and the performance of suppliers by standardizing costing based on first-in, first-out (FIFO) accounting with detailed online verification of cost layers—previously, costing was managed on spreadsheets with no means to include landed costs

·         Ensured optimum inventory levels across warehouses fed by six manufacturing subsidiaries—for example, by providing visibility on stock by location, unit of measure, quantity, and expiry date for the group’s soft drinks bottling operations—using Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud

·         Gained the ability to instantly generate financial statements based on International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) as well as various reports—for example, concerning headcount, payroll, aging receivables, or revenue per subsidiary—which previously took up to a month to prepare using spreadsheets

·         Streamlined procurement processes with Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud using dynamic, online approval rules to replace paper-based approvals that took up to a week—enabling full control and visibility into all purchases

·         Standardized chart of accounts across all subsidiaries and automated accounting processes to simplify group financial consolidation, increase visibility, reduce financial closing time, and streamline internal and annual external audits

·         Provided HR and senior managers with 24/7 insight into Salahaddin’s workforce with Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud to eliminate overstaffing by determining the exact headcount, qualification levels, and employment costs in each business entity

·         Boosted employee morale and productivity by enabling all workers from each company to manage leave and review salary slips from their mobile devices instead of needing to go through HR or line managers using lengthy, paper-based processes.

Our Offer

  • Fusion Financials
  • Fusion Purchasing
  • Fusion Manufacturing
  • Fusion Inventory
  • Fusion HCM
  • Fusion Payroll
"With Oracle SaaS we consolidated, standardized, and automated the diverse business activities of each group company on a unified platform, increasing visibility and productivity. Complex reports that took weeks to prepare are now instantly available, which greatly improved our decision making and competitiveness across all operations."
Ayman Mansour
Group Human Resource Director