Self Service Reporting

Orbit Reporting + Analytics is a user friendly and self-service operational reporting, business intelligence and data visualization tool and a modern-day replacement for Oracle Discoverer.
Orbit features a robust conversion utility to make the transition from Discoverer a seamless process. Orbit works directly with a company’s existing Oracle EBS environment to provide managers detailed snapshots into every aspect of their business operations.

With Orbit reporting solutions, Oracle EBS and Cloud Applications can co-exist so that your business has the option to remain in EBS, convert to the cloud or take a hybrid approach and utilize the best of both worlds. Orbit is  application platform agnostic and database independent so it is able to integrate with Oracle EBS, Fusion,  PeopleSoft, Salesforce and many other 3rd party application as well as gather data from multiple databases. All while maintaining Oracle application security.

Orbit also offers an advanced web based user interface with real time graphic displays which end users have come to expect in our internet driven world. Finally, Orbit is a true selfservice reporting solution that empowers end users to easily create reports and dashboards to answer critical business questions and make better strategic decisions. So, if your business is considering utilizing cloud based applications in the future, Orbit Reporting + Analytics will give you enhanced functionality now with the ability and the options to grow tomorrow without having to replace your reporting solution.