EBS Financials

Today’s fast-growing and dynamic organizations demand financial management solutions that can quickly adapt to changing business needs while helping them reduce costs, make smarter decisions, and continuously innovate. Oracle Financials, the financial applications in Oracle E-Business Suite, improves visibility, control, and efficiency while setting the foundation for good governance and consistent growth.

As part of Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle Financials is a complete, comprehensive, and integrated suite of applications built on a standard financial platform with centralized components for business functions such as accounting, customer and supplier data, tax, payments, and intercompany accounting. Its integration with Oracle Fusion Governance, Risk, and Compliance enables it to deliver a more robust and automated internal controls environment across key financial processes such as order-to-cash and procure-to-pay. As a result, organizations are
able to reduce errors, lessen employee fraud and abuse, and eliminate process inefficiencies that impact the bottom line. In addition, Oracle Financial integrates seamlessly with Oracle enterprise performance management applications to support effective financial planning, consolidation, and regulatory reporting.

Oracle Financials can help you
• Establish global processes and gain global visibility into business operations
• Quickly accommodate changes to your business
• Enforce a single source of truth for accurate analysis and reporting
• Detect and respond to problems before they escalate or even occur
• Meet multiple reporting and regulatory requirements for a variety of industries and countries