EBS Manufacturing

Today’s fast-growing and dynamic organizations demand financial management solutions that can quickly adapt to Flow Manufacturing is a manufacturing approach employing the following practices:
• Building to customer demand rather than building to a forecast – Reduces finished goods inventories, reduces cost, and increases customer satisfaction.
• Linear manufacturing rather than batch production – Reduces work in process inventory, rework, and scrap and increases product quality as quality and assembly problems are immediately addressed.
• Mixed model production rather than process layout – Enables a mix of products to be produced on one production line in the same day, which allows the manufacturer to respond to the demand generated by customer
• In-process quality rather than inspecting quality into the product after assembly – Builds quality into the product during the production process resulting in less rework, less scrap, lower cost, and higher customer satisfaction.
• JIT Replenishment of component materials rather than receipts of MRP forecasted demands – Reduces the amount of component inventory and reduces costs.
• Uses rate-based production rather than work orders – Simplifies shop floor activities and reduces cost.
• Labor flexibility rather than labor specialization – Increases productivity and reduces costs.
• Backflush material and costs upon completion rather than at each operation – Simplifies shop floor activities and reduces costs.

Oracle Flow Manufacturing includes a comprehensive set of features that support the entire flow process from line design and balancing to production execution. It enables implementation of the demand pull system using kanbans for both raw material and in-process assemblies. The planning process is streamlined using Flow schedules to sequence and schedule mixed model production.