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Digital disruption is happening across the financial services sector and in every jurisdiction. The drivers of change are consumers’ expectations, increasingly complex regulations, and new technologies that create market opportunities. Oracle ERP and Cloud Industry Solutions can help you deliver financial services in a changing world.

As financial services business leaders and developers have discovered, emerging markets represent huge growth opportunities, and agile technology platforms have lowered barriers to entry. For example, global demand for the mobile wallet market was valued at US$500 billion in 2014 and is expected to reach US$2.5 trillion in 2020, significantly impacting the credit card clearing and debit card fees that were formerly the province of traditional banks.

C-suite executives remain intent on growing top-line revenue and boosting profits, as well as capitalizing on new opportunities and introducing new products to market. Many of these executives are intent on creating agile businesses that permit them to easily enter new markets and sustain financial growth. Fundamental business processes must be digitized as both consumers and business customers clamor for online services that are accessible through web browsers and mobile apps on a variety of portable devices.

Oracle offers complete, secure, and integrated cloud solutions for commercial banking and core banking activities—bolstered by a customer experience platform that connects you to your constituents on their terms.