EBS Succession Planning

Oracle® Succession Planning is a comprehensive talent management application that helps enterprises to manage succession plans for key jobs, positions and people. Managers and HR professionals can quickly locate key talent within the organization and develop that talent to meet short and long term critical business requirements.
Using Oracle® Succession Planning’s Talent Profile, managers can monitor succession plans and initiate transitions such as promotions and job changes. Oracle® Succession Planning is part of the Oracle E-Business Suite, an integrated set of applications that are engineered to work together.

K E Y  F E A T U R E S
• Identify key jobs, positions and people to proactively plan succession
• Supports Search for suitable successors using suitability matching, Nine Box matrix and compare profile report
• Use Compare Profile Report and Suitability Analyzer to compare and rank successors
• Engage HR Professionals, Managers and Employees in succession management
• Use succession hierarchy to assess talent pipeline strength and impact across multiple levels
• Launch Succession actions like Promotion, Job Change and Compensation change from Talent Profile
• View Succession Analytics to evaluate and manage the succession planning process

K E Y  B E N E F I T S
• Enterprise-wide Succession Planning and Management
• Build a strong talent pipeline with multiple successors
• Engaged and motivated workforce
• Ensure successors’ readiness
• Ensure business performance continuity