EBS Order Management

Oracle Order Management is an order-to-cash solution that provides capabilities for customers, partners and employees to select the right products and services, negotiate the best prices and ensure timely fulfillment.

With Oracle Order Management you can:
• Enhance Customer Service
• Reduce Order Processing Costs
• Increase Revenue

Improve Order-to-Cash processing through Usability, Productivity and Accuracy
• Enter, edit and view orders via HTML or Classic Forms User Interface
• Create and view orders from multiple operating units without changing forms or windows
• Deferred invoicing and revenue recognition until customer acceptance for shipment
• Mass scheduling for unscheduled or failed schedule lines
• Header attribute changes cascade to line automatically or by user choice
• Resubmit/viewing of workflow activities in error
• Workflow validation tool
• Support for credit card CVV2
• Integrated with Contact Center
• User defined business logic to calculate payment due at order
• Ordering of tangible and intangible subscription contracts
• Scheduling of ATO items without a BOM
• Honoring of credit holds across business units
• Item Orderability
• High Volume Order Processing
• Multi-threaded Pick Release
• Shipping Documents tailorable using BI Publisher
• Mobile Sales Orders