In 2017, Widestreams and FOEX signed a partnership agreement that allows us to represent FOEX in the Middle East in terms of selling, implementing and supporting FOEX solutions.

FOEX is a software development company founded in 2012 in Vienna, Austria, whose mission is to simplify the way enterprise-grade web applications are being created.

It  provide the software tools that developers need to build custom business applications. In other words, we build software that builds software.

The FOEX Plugin Framework is a flexible RAD tool that enables IT teams to speed up development by orders of magnitude using basic  PL/SQL and APEX knowledge.

By combining what’s best of Oracle APEX, Sencha ExtJS and FOEX’s set of powerful plugins, the solution is used by developers for multiple use cases, from enhancing the functionality of Oracle APEX and modernizing Oracle Forms applications, to building custom modules for Oracle E-Business Suite or migrating from other legacy systems.

The FOEX Plugin Framework is a low-code rapid application development (RAD) tool that helps developers build enterprise-grade business applications using Oracle APEX and Sencha Ext JS.

It provides the essential building blocks so that anyone with basic PL/SQL and Oracle APEX knowledge is able to create both the client-side and server-side of large-scale web applications fast and with ease.