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The telecommunications industry faces a highly changeable future. To succeed, telcos must launch innovative new services quickly, redefine customer experience for the digital age, and transform and unify core processes to reduce operational costs. Oracle ERP and Cloud Industry Solutions can help telecommunications companies succeed in a data-driven world.

The converging worlds of the Web and telecommunications have led to the rapid growth of various innovative services that are based on real-time communication and collaboration technologies. Many of these services have end-user presence, availability, and usage state information. As presence-enabled services are used, availability information can come in various forms, including schedules, contact information, location, ability for end-user devices to be reached, and willingness of the end user to be contacted. Some common use cases include instant messaging, multiparty conferencing, and presence-enabled social networks.

To deliver this capability, service providers are increasingly deploying presence servers, which can automatically aggregate key telecom, IT, and Web systems in real time and influence communication decisions. Presence information will allow other people to make intelligent communication decisions before contacting you by applying criteria and filters based on availability data.

Oracle Communications Presence provides a central repository of real-time presence states for subscribers over various communications networks; it enables subscriptions to state changes and allows users and services to publish state changes. It implements a complete presence server solution based on key standards and specifications such as the Internet Engineering Task Force’s Session Initiation Protocol for Instant Messaging and Presence Leveraging Extensions (SIMPLE), Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) Presence SIMPLE, and OMA XML Document Management (XDM), as well as 3rd Generation Partnership Project (or 3GPP) specifications. Oracle Communications Presence integrates seamlessly with IT systems and Web applications using open standards such as Web services and Java, thereby enabling the rapid delivery of presence and group list–enabled services in a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) or IP Multimedia Subsystem/Next-Generation Network (NGN)–based network infrastructure.