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Higher education and research have never been more challenging. Students, researchers, and faculty expect modern, personalized experiences, and higher education institutions must embrace the latest technology to deliver them. Oracle Cloud Industry Solutions can help you deliver world-class education and empower groundbreaking research.

The rise of mobile, social, and analytic technologies has forced colleges and universities to rethink their business models. All higher education institutions must improve student outcomes and increase engagement—but, unfortunately, traditional information systems can no longer keep up. Oracle provides a modern technology platform that spans all layers of the cloud, enabling a data-driven environment that delivers maximum value to faculty, students, and staff.

Education has steadily evolved, from traditional campus learning to internet learning to ubiquitous mobility for online instruction. What are the characteristics of an industry-leading learning environment that presents relevant information in the context of familiar mobile and social apps? Oracle has the answer with a complete cloud solution for the modern campus, giving everyone access to technology to support their goals.

Fortunately for education and research organizations around the world, Oracle has a long history and lasting commitment to supporting education. Oracle continues to develop solutions specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of education while providing deployment choices so you can achieve the best fit for your specific environment and technology needs.