EBS Learning Management

An enterprise that is looking to know more, do more, and spend less, must optimize human performance in all its business processes. To transform the perception of learning management from a cost center to a key investment,
businesses need to tie learning activities directly to core business initiatives, which is exactly what Oracle Learning Management does for you. Oracle Learning Management is part of the Oracle E-Business Suite, an integrated
set of applications that are engineered to work together.

K E Y  F E A T U R E S
• Leverage the Oracle E-Business Suite to plan, deliver, and track learning
• Competency management automation and integration
• Learning paths and learning certifications
• Course and class evaluations
• Mandatory enrollment
• Online content management and assessment authoring
• Administrative role-based access control of the unified catalog
• Flexible resource management, including a dedicated instructor user interface

K E Y  B E N E F I T S
• Management of a unified catalog in one central location, combining online and classroom training, with role-based access control for administrative responsibilities
• Full management of learning-related workforce competencies
• Structured learning paths and learning certifications, to help monitor performance, develop the careers of your workforce, and ensure your people are meeting training regulations
• Creation of tests to assess learner understanding, providing valuable feedback on whether business goals and workforce objectives are being served
• Foster collaborative learning through discussion forums, chats, and web conferences