Fusion Project Management

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Oracle® Project Management Cloud extends planning and scheduling to the “occasional” project manager; to those who manage projects infrequently and not as their primary role. No longer is planning a specialized skill only performed by experienced personnel, as more and more people are given projects to manage. Not all planning and scheduling solutions have kept up with this evolution. Oracle Fusion Project Management has been designed from the ground up to address the needs of all project managers, regardless of their level of experience, and can be adopted by all organizations for any type of project work.

Tasks can be easily created with minimal data, for example starting only with a task name and adding effort, dates, and dependencies later. Simply entering a start or finish date holds the task where it is placed unless it becomes dependent on other work, in which case just link it to another task to schedule it; no additional steps are needed and no longer do tasks seemingly move at random.

More experienced project managers can still take advantage of capabilities that include constraint dates and types, dependency types, leads and lags, and the ability to compare the plan with current and historical baselines. And for those requiring a more managed approach to planning, gate management orchestrates critical decision  points, polling stakeholders for their input and approval.

• Simplify project planning
• Accelerate development of project plan
• Collaborate with your team to quickly develop the plan
• Monitor progress and review plan changes
• Manage and control project issues
• Manage and control project changes
• Manage Product Development projects
• Adopt an agile project management approach

• Plan all projects from simple to complex
• Plan & schedule work in interactive Gantt
• Assign work and incorporate additional work identified by team members
• Schedule using dependencies, leads and lags, and constraint dates
• Exception-based progress and thresholds
• Raise and track project issues and changes
• Compare target and actual project progress across your projects
• Task exceptions analytic
• Visibility into project labor resource capacity and planned utilization
• Real-time self-service reporting on project management information
• Compare current plan to baseline
• Search for or request resources
• Agile development support
• Integration to Oracle PLM Cloud
• Integration to Oracle Sourcing Cloud