Fusion Order Management

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Oracle Order Management Cloud is designed to improve order capture and fulfillment execution across the quote to cash process by providing a central order hub for multi-channel environments. The application provides the ability to capture, price and configure orders through direct order entry. Orders can also be received from external sources, modified and then processed for fulfillment. It also provides pre-built integrations with other Oracle Cloud services, centrally managed orchestration policies, global availability, and fulfillment monitoring.

Order Management Cloud is an application that enables organizations to accurately and efficiently manage customer orders across multiple order capture and fulfillment systems. The capture features allow orders to be entered directly, imported from external capture systems or imported from external capture systems and then edited.

Order information is validated for data completeness and business rule compliance including trade compliance checks, if needed. Fulfillment capability then orchestrates the orders across multiple fulfillment systems, receives fulfillment status updates, and coordinates status updates back to the capture systems. The capture and fulfillment systems can be a mixture of cloud or on-premise. As the collection point between capture and fulfillment systems, Order Management Cloud serves as an order hub across the order-to-cash process to centrally manage capture and fulfillment orchestration policies, view order status and manage exceptions.

• Decrease Average Order Cycle Times
• Reduce Revenue Impact of Fulfillment Issues
• Decrease Inventory Cost
• Decrease Order Handling Costs
• Improve Exception Management
• Adapt Quickly to New Business Needs
• Promise Orders More Accurately
• Increase Revenue and Customer Satisfaction
• Reduce Order Fulfillment Errors
• Increase Profitability Per Order
• Reduce Time to Value

• Multiple order entry modes – direct, import and import/edit
• Order hub for multiple order and fulfillment sources
• User configurable pricing policies
• Manual price adjustments
• Support for simple, configured and service items
• Support a wide variety of payment methods
• Credit checks can be configured at multiple points in the order process
• Centralized & standardized order fulfillment processes and procedures
• Fulfillment process visibility
• Centralized monitoring of order status
• Visibility of trade compliance and transportation status with the order
• Gantt Chart view of fulfillment process progress
• Jeopardy calculation to allow proactive notification of potential problem orders
• Predefined actions to fix problem orders
• Approval workflows for exceptions
• Predictable fulfillment processes
• Selection of optimal fulfillment source based on delivery time or cost
• Lead-time, ATP, CTP, and PTP promising
• Allocation of scarce supply
• Suggestions for alternate sources and substitute items
• What-if analysis of alternate scenarios with cost and delivery-time metrics
• Mass update operations to manage backlog and rescheduling
• High performance in-memory order promising engine
• Constraint logic to manage allowable user actions
• Pre-integrated quote-to-cash with Oracle Commerce, CPQ, Inventory, and Financial Cloud Services