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Hiring better employees creates long-term competitive advantages that lead to increased customer satisfaction and revenue growth. Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud Service helps organizations reach hard-to-find talent, hire the right people, and get them productive more quickly.

Modern recruiting is becoming increasingly challenging, requiring companies to work harder to seek out and identify the best talent while staying on top of the complexity of their own internal hiring process. The Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud provides an end-to-end platform to help meet these challenges, from multiple sourcing channels to ensure consistent pipelines of talent, to flexible workflows that easily adapt to the needs of even the most complex global organizations. Whether you need to hire high volumes of candidates quickly, find candidates for hard-to-fill positions, build talent pools in international markets, or just streamline your recruiting processes, Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud can help.

The Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud provides tools to help you source active and passive candidates across a variety of websites, job boards, referrals, and social media. Screening, assessment, and innovating quick-filter technologies ensure that you find and select the best talent available, including students, experienced professionals, and hourly workers.

Interview, offer management, and onboarding tools complete the process by engaging new employees early and making sure they are aligned with company initiatives. Gain insight into the business impact of your talent management decisions.

• Expand your reach to talent with expanded sourcing options
• Quickly identify top prospects with automated prescreening
• Support multiple organizations and brands from a single global platform
• Accelerate time to productivity for new hires
• Decrease compliance risks
• Harness embedded business intelligence to gain increased insight and transparency
• Leverage external providers to future proof your investment
• Improve selection processes to increase quality of hire
• Improve process efficiency and reduce sourcing costs

• Multichannel sourcing
• Employer branded career portals
• Screening and assessments
• Precision matching
• Configurable workflows
• Interview and offer management
• Automated onboarding
• Proven third-party integrations
• Advanced reporting & analytics
• Anywhere, anytime mobile recruiting