EBS Mobile Apps

Oracle Mobile Application Framework (Oracle MAF) is a hybrid-mobile development framework that enables development teams to rapidly develop single-source applications and deploy to the Apple iOS, Google Android, and Microsoft Windows 10 platforms. Oracle MAF provides a complete MVC development framework – that leverages Java, HTML5 and JavaScript – with declarative user interface definition, device services integration and built-in security. Integrating with development tools, Oracle MAF maximizes code reuse and results in faster development of engaging mobile applications.

• Visual and declarative development
• Single source for cross OS application
• Mobile optimized user experience
• Simplified access to device services
• Code in Java and run on multiple mobile OSs
• Offline support using encrypted SQLite
• Built-in security for authentication, authorization and encryption support

• Develop once, deploy to iOS, Android and Windows 10
• Accelerate mobile development
• Protect from technology shifts
• Use industry standards
• Leverage device services and offline capabilities
• Extend existing enterprise applications to mobile
• Leverage existing skillsets in Java and HTML5