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Oracle offers the integrated technology platform and robust tools necessary to standardize best practices, achieve project and program transparency, maintain accountability, and analyze performance to help ensure ongoing business success. Oracle comprehensive and best-in-class portfolio of products for construction performance execution includes Oracle E-Business Suite; Oracle Project Analytics; Oracle Business Intelligence solutions; and more.

Organizations must zero in on getting the right kind of customer—with projects that are a good match for their expertise. At the right profit margin, so that the business you win is worth the expense and effort that was spent winning it. Most important, when the project is done, you then have to repeat that whole process all over again.

But instead of having each new project start from scratch, you must use the intellectual capital gained from lessons learned on every past project to institutionalize the good business practices that set your firm apart from the competition. Leveraging client and historical data to prepare successful bids, controlling the approval process when deciding which projects to onboard, and better predicting which projects you will win. In effect, transforming your business.

Technology can help. But automating your organization with standardized business processes and systems is just the beginning. At Oracle, the belief is that true business transform requires more—an integration of people, process, and technology. This solution brief will explore how business transformation revolves around solving your business challenges in six key areas:
» Lead-to-contract processes
» BIM-enabled estimation
» Project and construction execution
» NEC3 Engineering and Construction Contracts
» Software as a Service (SaaS)
» Lean construction