VANTIQ is a Platform-as-a-Service designed and built specifically to support the development, deployment and operation of Real-time Business Applications.

REAL-TIME applications must be event-driven. The priority is to act instantly on a business event, rather than storing data and checking status later. To ensure any number of events can be acted upon in real-time requires an asynchronous and non-blocking platform. To achieve this the entire VANTIQ system is implemented on a Reactive
framework. Today’s event streams from IoT, connected products, etc. require a move away from traditional three-tier architecture to an evenbased model.

SCALABLE in today’s world means web-scale not just enterprise-scale. VANTIQ supports design and run-time for applications serving billions of business events. VANTIQ allows an arbitrary topology of an unlimited number of nodes across a distributed environment. Nodes can be peered horizontally to provide more processing power.
When the volume of data collected is too great to upload it for centralized processing or low latency is required, nodes can be arranged in a tree structure to handle the processing close to the data at the edge.

RESILIENT behavior is inherent to the event-based rchitecture of the VANTIQ platform. The ability to cluster nodes horizontally not just for scale but failover ensures mission critical availability. Since any artifact in the system can be changed dynamically, available nodes can take over or new nodes can be launched in case of a failure.