Use Cases

Use-cases for VANTIQ applications are widely varied but there are some standard situations that occur across many industries. Some common elements across most VANTIQ use-cases are:

– Involving FLOWS of physical or virtual things:

1. Physical things (flows in a supply
chain, rail cars, autos, people)
2. Virtual things (flows of money, contracts, data)
3. Work (DYNAMIC workflows)

– Flows are 
reflected in streams of data
 about business ‘events’
– Requirement to
 sense, analyze,
 decide, and act 
on these flows 
in real time

Many VANTIQ use-cases also involve:

– Human-machine collaboration: People and systems working effectively together
– Widely distributed deployments: Applications distributed to the edge of networks
– IoT
 devices/sensors: Generators of increasing volumes of valuable data
– An Enterprise Nervous System: An application connecting other applications, people, and devices together in real time