AI & Chat Bots

With Oracle AI Platform Cloud Service, developers and data scientists are empowered to develop and deploy machine-learning models, and to manage the complete data science lifecycle on their preferred open-source frameworks. Quickly integrate trained models into new and existing applications, including Kubernetes and Docker-based container native platform and conversational chatbots.

  • Additional libraries and tools include: Jupyter, pandas, scikit-learn, Pillow, OpenCV, and NumPy.
  • Deep learning frameworks include: TensorFlow, Keras and Caffe.
  • Elastic AI and Machine Learning Infrastructures include NVIDIA, Flash Storage, and Ethernet.

You can also quickly build chatbots that let your customers engage in natural conversations with your business. Deployable on websites, mobile apps, messaging apps, and digital voice assistants, Oracle Intelligent Bots extend and enhance the functionality of your backend systems, delivering personalized and engaging experiences to each user.