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In nearly every developed economy, healthcare costs are rising faster than GDP and reimbursement payments are reduced or uncertain. However, the demand for patient engagement, business and clinical analytics, enhanced resource utilization, and infrastructure development has never been greater. The industry is responding with new healthcare IT systems that support the delivery of high quality care and improved patient satisfaction, as well as enable streamlined workflow processes, data integration across the enterprise, and secure information exchange. These systems address a variety of factors and challenges, including U.S. government mandates for implementing meaningful use of electronic health records (EHR), improving patient information access, and delivering accountable care.

Oracle is unique in its ability to deliver powerful solutions to all critical areas of challenge in the healthcare industry. Oracle’s wide range of integrated, industry specific software and hardware solutions are optimized to improve operational efficiencies and deliver performance levels that are unmatched in the industry. And because Oracle systems are built on open standards, they can be deployed in the data center as individual components or as complete solutions that are integrated from applications to disk. This deployment flexibility is important in many healthcare settings, because hospitals, health systems, and related healthcare partners and contractors frequently exchange data from disparate systems beyond hospital walls.

Oracle’s healthcare solutions are designed to help you elevate your level of care and your profitability. You can accelerate the adoption of more-efficient health delivery systems and increase your ROI using Oracle’s secure, performance driven platforms for the rollout of EHR and other informatics applications. The Oracle Health Management Platform Solution, Oracle Health Resources Management Solution, connected health solution, and health insurance applications and payer solutions help meet the challenges facing provider and payer organizations. Adopting Oracle’s cloud solutions can help transform and future-proof tomorrow’s healthcare today—for long-term, profitable growth.