Oracle Fusion for DG Jones – A success story

Widestreams went live in2023 with DG Jones (11 countries) on Fusion HCM, Fusion Financials and Fusion Projects.

Who is DGJones

DGJones and Partners is a leading construction consultancy company with over 55 years of experience. They specialize in quantity surveying, project cost control, project management, construction management, and claims management. Their expertise covers a wide range of development and infrastructure projects, including healthcare, aviation, education, government, utilities, transportation, residential, commercial, and more. They offer value-added services such as dispute resolution and arbitration. With their wealth of experience and global network, DGJones and Partners is able to provide cost-effective solutions and expert advice to meet their clients’ needs.

DGJones Journey

DGJones journey to the cloud with Oracle Fusion involved leveraging Oracle Cloud HCM, Financials, and Projects Portfolio Management to solve specific business problems and achieve their goals.

  • Business Problem:

DGJones aimed to improve operational efficiency, enhance financial management, and optimize project management.

  • Role of Technology:
    Oracle Cloud HCM: DGJones utilized Oracle Cloud HCM to simplify their HR processes. They were able to manage employee data, payroll, benefits, and performance reviews more efficiently. The automation capabilities of Oracle Cloud HCM helped streamline HR tasks and improve data accuracy.
    Oracle Cloud Financials: DGJones leveraged Oracle Cloud Financials to enhance their financial management. They gained improved visibility and control over their finances by effectively managing budgets, tracking expenses, and generating accurate financial reports. The unified platform of Oracle Cloud Financials helped DGJones reconcile financial information and minimize errors.
    Oracle Cloud Projects Portfolio Management: DGJones utilized Oracle Cloud Projects Portfolio Management to optimize their project management processes. They were able to centralize project information, streamline project planning and execution, and improve collaboration among team members. The real-time insights provided by Oracle Cloud Projects Portfolio Management helped DGJones track project progress, allocate resources effectively, and manage costs.
  • Business Gain:

By implementing Oracle Cloud HCM, Financials, and Projects Portfolio Management, DGJones was able to address their specific business problems and achieve their goals of increasing operational efficiency, enhancing financial management, and optimizing project management. The technology provided automation, improved visibility, and streamlined processes, ultimately leading to cost-effective solutions and expert advice for DGJones’ clients.

Business Impact

1. Streamlined HR processes: By leveraging Oracle Cloud HCM, DGJones saw improvements in employee data management, payroll processing, benefits administration, and performance reviews. This resulted in more efficient HR processes, reducing administrative tasks and potentially freeing up staff time for strategic initiatives.

2. Improved financial data management: With the implementation of Oracle Cloud Financials, DGJones experienced a more streamlined and accurate financial data management system. This led to reduced errors, faster reconciliation of financial information, and improved financial reporting capabilities.

3. Enhanced project visibility and control: Utilizing Oracle Cloud Projects Portfolio Management provided DGJones with real-time insights into project metrics, allowing for better tracking of project progress, resource allocation, and cost management. This resulted in improved decision-making, reduced project delays, and better overall project outcomes.

In addition to the above benefits, DGJones also enjoyed qualitative advantages such as increased security through Oracle’s robust security measures, the ability to stay up-to-date with the latest technology advancements through regular updates from Oracle, and the opportunity to free up staff time by automating manual processes. This allowed DGJones to focus more on innovation and strategic initiatives.