Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain operations encompasses collaborating with partners across global regions, manage complex suppliers networks with real-time information, and adapt quickly to global constraints and demand. Oracle Supply Chain Management enables to drive supply chain processes based on real-time demand information.

At Widestreams, we have qualified and professional consultants who can provide comprehensive SCM solutions for the following industries: Airlines, Automotive, Communications, Consumer Goods, High Technology, Industrial Manufacturing, Life Sciences, and the Public Sector etc.
We cover the following modules (for both EBS and Fusion Cloud):

Advanced Procurement
Purchasing Intelligence
Service Procurement
Procurement Contracts

Discrete Manufacturing
Process Manufacturing

Order Orchestration and Fulfillment
Order Management
Advance Pricing

Value Chain Execution
Landed Cost Management
Transportation Management
Warehouse Management
Inventory Management

Asset Lifecycle Management
Enterprise Asset Management
Asset Tracking

Value Chain Planning
Advanced Supply Chain Planning
Production Scheduling

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